What We Do

Every company has unique product offerings, personalities, strategies, business models, roadmaps, target audiences, objectives, positioning and messaging they wish to convey to their publics - there is no such thing as a standard PR program.


These factors are discussed in detail in an initial briefing and developed into a schedule of activities upon which retainers or project fees are based. To guarantee a rapid ROI and shorten the learning curve, a kick-off meeting and discovery session is highly recommended.


Client inputs, established objectives and regular media monitoring and brainstorming sessions lead to the creative tactics we use to secure and improve our clients’ share of voice and influence in print, online and broadcast media.


Although our clients regularly make special (and sometimes unusual) requests, our daily work generally involves delivering conceptual, strategic and fulfillment support to our clients in the following areas:

  • Press Releases - Origination, Adaptation, Translation, Distribution
  • Features, By-lined technical Articles, Commentaries, Case Studies, White Papers
  • Website editorial, translation, design
  • Media Briefings, Road Shows, Roundtables
  • Seminars, Partner, Customer and Channel events
  • Test Product Placement and Management, Competitions, Give-Aways
  • Full-service Exhibition Support
  • Press conferences
  • Media Training
  • Collateral - Origination, Adaptation, Translation
  • Newsletters, Customer Magazines, etc.
  • Speaking Opportunities Research and Placement
  • Features Monitoring and Placement
  • Competitive Monitoring and Research
  • Social media and viral marketing initiatives
  • Clippings, Coverage Translation, Compilation, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Business Development Support, Research, Facilitation of Partnerships & Cooperative efforts 


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