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ITPR has established itself ts success in having established itself in the marketplace as a “David amongst Goliaths.” A major achievement with a simple formula:

  • offer real value for clients’ budgets by surpassing expectations and the standard practices of the industry
  • provide editors, analysts, bloggers, influencers, and other stakeholders with the information they need at the right time and with their requirements in mind
  • think out of the box to constantly seek out and, more importantly, create opportunities to raise awareness and recognition of clients’ products, positioning and personalities

The fact that we are small means that clients meet and hire the individuals with which they will actually work on a daily basis leading to a client/agency relationship based on accountability, trust and efficiency. ITPR’s owner leads all accounts, is first point of contact for all clients and editors and a self-proclaimed “geek” who is truly fascinated by technology. Our clients are guaranteed dedication and personal attention and we are proud of the fact that we have never lost a client due to dissatisfaction.


ITPR works closely with a number of partners including web-design and SEO agencies, translators, content generation and marketing specialists, photographers, channel-marketing professionals, event agencies and freelance technical editors who are contracted as the need arises.


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82166 Gräfelfing / Munich



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